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2015, 2016 and now 2017!!!

"OH MY GOD" ~ Everyone!   Ring that OMG Bell!!

"Excellent products! Coconut is my favorite and now I've got my mother hooked"!  ~Tara


"Thank you for making up such a nice basket for my friend...she really loved it and all the goodies...it was perfect and just in time for Easter. I'm sure I'll be seeking your services again, I hear you're doing a great job...hope to see you soon!"  ~Darlene

"I just wanted to let you know that your treats were absolutely the best thing we tasted at the Chocolate Expo, and we tasted EVERYTHING!  I found a store that sold your cookies but they didn't have the flavor I liked, so I ordered on line the very next day, only to find them at my door just a few hours later!! You are the BEST!! Thank you so much!  they might be gone in a few minutes, so I hope you're in my neighborhood often!"  ~Aviva

"We bought Good Ole' Original and absolutely loved them. We have yet to try other flavors, but we will!  I found where your cookies are sold and it's not far from my home; this may be a bad thing, yet delicious at the same time!"  ~Stephanie

"I attended the Chocolate Expo last week with my friend who loves your product.  I want to tell you that we were not only impressed with the taste of the cookies, but it was your courtesy and professionalism that made a difference! Best of luck on your journey!"  ~Janice

"Got my cookies today - you should have named them CRACK!" I think I said that at the street fair when I first met you - they are addictive - sooooooooo good!!!"  ~Amy

"My family first tried your cookies at the craft fair in Baldwin last fall and fell in love.  We purchased another bag yesterday at Rockville Centre and it is already gone! We love your product and look forward to the next time you are selling locally to get more!"  ~Danielle

"I tried your cookies at the Oysterfest and they are amazingly delicious!"  ~Greg

"Congrats on winning BEST IN SHOW 2014 Trophy from Sweet Escape NJ Tasting Expo! We would like to award you $200 as well as a complimentary table for 2015!" ~Atasha

I work in a healthcare facility and one of our patients brought in the assorted cookie tin - I tried each flavor and they were amazing!! Keep up the good work, I would definitely buy this as a gift, or, better yet, for myself!!!! :)  ~Diane

So, every year we all go away for February break; This year the break began on Valentine's Day. My kids had fallen hard for your product at the LI Chocolate Show, especially my girl, and they kept getting back on line for another sample! This morning everyone work up to a bag of Wild Lizzy's Sweet and Salty Saltines next to their pillow.  We had Raspberry, Original, Peanut Butter and Red Velvet.  Everyone was so excited with their beautifully decorated bags of treats!  They were all so happy to share and compare, they had all four pieces before breakfast! Usually I throw out candy by the bag and I'll be lucky if these last until dinner.  Thank you Lizzy, it has been a memorable day, largely because of the fun, festive, deliciousness of your cookies!  ~Aileen

​"The favors you made for my son's high school graduation were such a hit, thank you so much for a fantastic job!"  ~Elizabeth

"Oh Lizzy! Thank you for my delivery, these don't taste like anything I've ever had, they're very unique! I will be trying the Razzy Raspberry next!" ~ Lynn

"I just received a delivery for a gift and I have to tell you, these are absolutely amazing! How can I order more?!!" - Stella